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[2013-08-18] Summer Cup 2013 Top 8: Modestas Jurčius vs Ernests Sustins
2013-08-19, 00:05
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[2013-08-18] Summer Cup 2013 Top 8: Modestas Jurčius vs Ernests Sustins
As Top 8 play offs are finally underway, this match features a true clash of Heroes! Modestas is piloting his Hero OTK Deck, while Ernests is running a more conservative Hero Beat build. Who will come out on top and move on to battle for the title of champion? We are about to find out.

The opening hands of both players:

[Image: SC2013duel1.jpg]

Having won the dice roll, Modestas summoned Photon Thrasher, set a monster and passed with an s/t. Ernests, meanwhile, activated Reinforcement of the Army to grab Elemental HERO Stratos. Stratos, in turn, fetched Elemental HERO Neos Alius to Ernests‘ hand. Then, Pot of Duality grabbed Starlight Road, choosing over Torrential Tribute and another Neos Alius. He then set five backrow cards, ran over Modestas‘ set Elemental HERO Bubbleman and passed with his Neos Alius in hand.

Modestas activated Mind Control, however, his opponent activated Compulsory Evacuation Device in response. Photon Thrasher tried connecting for damage, yet Dimension Prison thwarted the attack. Modestas set a monster without any further plays and Ernests, during his turn, summoned Stratos again. Elemental HERO Bubbleman was added to Ernests‘ hand and Stratos destroyed a second Bubbleman in battle before returning play to Modestas.

Modestas activated Foolish Burial in order to dispatch Blackwing – Zefyros the Elite to the Graveyard. Then, he activated A Hero Lives to Special Summon Elemental HERO Stratos. Breakthrough Skill, however, negated its effect. Modestas was not daft, though: by activating Zefyros‘ effect, Stratos was bounced back to Modestas‘ hand to be summoned once more! Now at 3600 Life Points, Modestas grabbed a third Bubbleman. He set a backrow and, after mulling through his Graveyard and his Extra Deck, opted to overlay both of his monsters for Gem-Knight Pearl. Pearl attacked, however, its attack was neutered by Dimensional Prison. With two backrows and Bubbleman in his hand, Modestas passed over to Ernests who had Stratos, a backrow and four cards in his hand.

Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed Reinforcement of the Army, then Ernests summoned Neos Alius. However, before entering the Battle Phase, Modestas activated Call of the Haunted to revive Stratos and grab Neos Alius to his hand. Alius swung over Stratos, Ernests‘ Stratos connected for 1800 damage and play was back to Modestas after Ernests had set a second backrow and Xyz Summoned Gagaga Cowboy to inflict 800 points of damage. Modestas was at a meager 900 Life points.

He drew Starlight Road, set it, then summoned Neos Alius, Special Summoned Bubbleman and opted to bring out Number 39: Utopia. Utopia successfully destroyed Cowboy in battle and play was back to Ernests who summoned Alius and Bubbleman as well! Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, however, was the monster of choice for Ernests and he opted to flip Utopia down and finally activate his set Miracle Fusion! Elemental Hero The Shining hit the field, leaving Modestas with no choice but to concede!

The opening hands for the second duel:

[Image: SC2013duel2.jpg]

Modestas started off the second duel with two backrow cards. Ernests, however, summoned Neos Alius and chose to connect for 1900. He set two backrow cards and passed to Modestas who activated both of his Mystical Space Typhoons from his hand. His own Neos Alius destroyed Ernests‘ and play was back to the Hero Beat player.

Ernests summoned Elemental HERO Stratos, proceeding to fetch another Elemental HERO Neos Alius to his hand. He pushed for more damage, bringing Modestas down to 4300 Life Points. A backrow finished the turn.

Play was back to Modestas who drew his own Elemental HERO Stratos. He summoned Neos Alius, however, and pushed it into the Battle Phase, yet Mirror Force reflected Alius‘ attack. Modestas passed the turn and Ernests continued developing his board position with Thunder King Rai-Oh. During the Battle Phase, Modestas flipped Call of the Haunted, and Rai-Oh exchanged blows with a revived Neos Alius, while Stratos connected for another 1800. Modestas drew Dust Tornado and summoned both of his leftover monsters for Blade Armor Ninja. The Ninja activated its effect and successfully connected for 2600 damage.

Ernests summoned Neos Alius, set two backrow cards, then summoned his own Bubbleman. Dust Tornado destroyed Ernests‘ E – Emergency Call. Maestroke hit the field again, yet was quickly thrown of the field with Modestas' Solemn Judgment. Having nothing but a backrow, Ernests passed to Modestas, who drew Heavy Storm. But Ernests answered with Compulsory Evacuation Device to bounce the ninja off the field! Neither player had any cards on the field or in their hands! Ernests, however, was on the play and was able to topdeck a Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer to finish the duel and proceed to the semifinals of the tournament!

Archetipai: Bishki Gishki
Fight Club No. 1: Straipsnis, kurio tu dar nematei!
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