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[2013-08-18] Summer Cup 2013 Top 4: Andris Šveics vs Martins Igauns
2013-08-19, 20:42
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[2013-08-18] Summer Cup 2013 Top 4: Andris Šveics vs Martins Igauns
Top4 begins!

The opening hands of both players:

[Image: sc2013top41.jpg]

Andris started with the usual Evilswarm play, summoning Evilswarm Castor and Heliotrope, overlaying into Ophion and fetching Infestation Pandemic. Three backrow cards ended the turn for Andris.

Martins started off his turn with Rescue Rabbit, summoning a pair of Gladiator Beast Andals. Both monsters transformed into Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, however, Compulsory Evacuation Device bounced the Maestroke back to Martins‘ Extra Deck without a chance to ping Ophion down. A backrow ended the turn.

Andris swung directly with Ophion and passed to Martins, who summoned Gladiator Beast Bestiari. Test Tiger hit the field, however, Torrential Tribute tried washing the Tiger away. Solemn Judgment was activated in response and both monsters successfully tagged out for Gladiator Beast Murmillo, who destroyed Ophion and connected for 800 damage before blowing up Andris‘ last backrow with a freshly tagged in Gladiator Beast Bestiari.

Without any backrow cards, Martins passed to Andris, who summoned Dark Armed Dragon! Without any other options and not enough Life Points to protect himself, Martins conceded the Duel and immediately started mulling through his Side Deck options.

The opening hands for the second duel:

[Image: SC2013TOP42.jpg]

Martins started off the second Duel with two cards in his backrow. Andris, meanwhile, summoned Rescue Rabbit, who hopped out of the field to bring in a pair of Evilswarm Heliotropes, only to be destroyed by Bottomless Trap Hole. A pair of backrow cards ended the turn for Andris.

Martins mulled over his options and chose to summon Gladiator Beast Bestiari, only to be met by Andris' Bottomless Trap Hole. He activated Book of Moon in response and passed the turn with one backrow card and the face-down Gladiator Beast. Andris drew Dimensional Prison and chose to summon his Evilswarm Mandragora. Mandragora destroyed Bestiari in battle, Andris set another pair of s/ts and passed to Martins, who drew Elemenetal HERO Prisma. Prisma entered the Field and was pushed to enter combat with Mandragora, however, the freshly drawn Dimensional Prison banished it.

Andris topped Evilswarm Castor! Both of Andris‘ monsters transformed into the notorious Evilswarm Ophion, who, accordingly, grabbed Infestation Pandemic. Martins attempted to hamper Ophion‘s effects with Fiendish Chain, however, Forbidden Lance protected the Xyz Monster. Ophion swung directly, leaving 6250 Life Points.

Martins activated A Hero Lives! With 3125 Life Points, he summoned Elemental HERO Stratos, fetching Elemental HERO Prisma. Prisma and Test Tiger hit the field for Martins, who then tagged the Tiger and the renamed Prisma for Gladiator Beast Darius. Bestiari was revived, however, he quickly left the field as another Test Tiger came down for Martins. Murmillo (at this point the Latvians thought Fiendish Chain no longer negates Ophion's effects - without any way to prove otherwise, I was forced to accept the appeal) hit the field this time, destroying Ophion. Finally, Martins pushed his monsters into battle, but Mirror Force destroyed all three of them!

Andris had little to choose from, so he set an s/t and passed the turn. Martins, meanwhile, summoned Gladiator Beast Andal and connected for 1900 damage. Andris, during his turn, started responding – first, he activated Dark Hole. Then, he summoned Evilswarm Thunderbird, bringing Martins down to 1475 Life Points, and passed the turn. The Gladiator player activated his own Dark Hole to temporarily banish the Bird and summoned his Gladiator Beast Equeste for a potential tag out! But Compulsory Evacuation Device also got rid of Martins‘ monster temporarily and play was back to Andris, whose Thunderbird returned to bring Andris victory!

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